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Hosting WordPress
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The Rates at a Glance

Web-Shop-Hosting pte. ltd. offers WordPress hosting that makes your website faster than ever before! Experience outstanding performance when loading your pages and enjoy daily operational support, giving you more time for your projects. If your website is of great importance to you, you need a web host that values your satisfaction just as much.

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Our Guarantee

Our main concern is to ensure that your websites are always accessible. However, if difficulties arise, our team of WordPress experts is always ready to assist you. We complement your team as an external point of contact for technical matters related to your WordPress, be it questions or issues like malware infections.

● We offer a fast migration service
● You can rely on competent contacts
● We guarantee fast response times
● Our support is available in many languages
● You receive assistance via chat and email
● More Power, Less Loading Time
● Years of experience set us apart!

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Highest Performance, Minimal Loading Times

Boost the performance and significantly reduce the loading times of your website. Performance is crucial because every second counts in today's world. The speed of your website is a fundamental factor for your success on the internet. If a page doesn't load quickly enough or is even inaccessible, it can seriously undermine visitor trust. At Web-Shop-Hosting, we recognized this early on and made performance optimization our top priority. Through regular internal benchmarks, we have identified the optimal configuration behind your website. Our years of experience and market comparisons have made us specialists in improving WordPress performance. We are confident when we say, "Give your WordPress more power!" With our technology, we continuously achieve impressive improvements in SEO-relevant Core Web Vitals and higher PageSpeed scores for our new customers.

● We rely on NVMe SSD hard drives,
● Provide isolated computing power,
● Conduct internal benchmarking,
● Use state-of-the-art brand hardware,
● Have a special NGINX configuration,
● Ensure a fast backend through cutting-edge CPUs,
● And utilize caching in conjunction with premium plugins.

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monitoring 24/7/365

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Security Included

Stable hosting requires not only a reliable technical infrastructure but also a professional and actively managed security structure. Since the vast majority of websites today are based on WordPress, this popular content management system has also become a preferred target for cyberattacks and hackers. Once your website is hosted with us, our security measures kick in, and it is protected by modern commercial security software, ranging from Web Application Firewalls to nightly malware scans and defense against complex Layer 7 DDoS attacks. And if your site ever gets infected with malware, we take care of the cleanup.

● We perform daily backups
● Monitor the availability of all websites and services around the clock
● We use a Web Application Firewall
● Accounts are isolated (CageFS)
● Our data centers in Germany are certified
● We offer automatic or managed updates
● Protect against brute-force attacks and DDoS attacks
● Implement IP filtering with Fail2Ban

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A Control Panel with Comprehensive Capabilities

Centralized Managemen with WP Toolkit

Manage all your websites in one place

Access to all essential settings and features

SSL certificate management

Maintenance mode control

Control of cron jobs and wp-cron.php

Search engine indexing management

Smart Update (optional)

Website Cloning

Website Backup

Availability Monitoring

Performance Optimization (optional)

Automatic Backup and Recovery Plans (optional)

Extensions, Designs, and Core Functions

Overview and control center

Quick one-click installation

Automatic updates and customization options

Security monitoring (open updates and security vulnerabilities)

WordPress Updates monitoring

Update themes and plugins via hosting control panel

Security Protection Features

Security measures and system security monitoring

Protection through password prompts via .htaccess

Hotlink prevention

Backup management

Debugging features

Developer Tools

Environment for staging, synchronization, and website cloning

Support for WP CLI, GIT, and Docker

Logs and debugging options

Management and monitoring of PHP settings

Access options like Web-FTP, SFTP, and SSH

Database management via PHPMyAdmin

Web SSH Terminal


Specialized Platform for WordPress:

WordPress hosting plans are specifically tailored to the requirements of WordPress. This means that servers and resources are optimized to maximize performance and user-friendliness for WordPress-based websites.

Fast Loading Times for Better User Experience:

WordPress hosting providers prioritize fast loading times. This results in a smooth and speedy user experience, enhancing both visitor satisfaction and your website's SEO ranking.

Enhanced Security:

WordPress hosting plans typically offer additional security layers and protective mechanisms against malware and security breaches. Your website is better protected against potential threats.

Automatic Updates (optional):

Many WordPress hosts provide automatic updates for the WordPress core, themes, and plugins. This ensures that your website is always up to date and free from security vulnerabilities.

Outstanding Customer Support:

WordPress hosts have support teams specialized in WordPress. You can expect fast assistance with technical issues or website-related questions.

Scalability for Growing Websites:

WordPress hosting plans are often scalable. You can add resources as your website grows and handles more traffic and content.

Useful Tools and Plugins:

WordPress hosts often offer additional tools and plugins to simplify the management and optimization of your website. These may include security plugins, caching tools, and SEO extensions.

Secure Staging Environments:

With staging environments, you can make changes to your website in a secure testing environment before publishing them on the live site. This minimizes the risk of errors and issues.

SEO Optimization:

WordPress hosting plans are SEO-friendly and often include integrated features to facilitate the optimization of your website for search engines, making it more visible.

Reliability and Availability:

Regular backups and optimized server infrastructures ensure that your website is reliable and available at all times, without extended downtimes.


WordPress hosting often comes with a user-friendly interface and easy setup options. Even beginners can easily manage their websites.

Customizability to Meet Your Needs:

You can customize WordPress hosting to match your specific requirements and needs, whether you're running a simple blog or a complex e-commerce portal.

Choosing a Plan

We are happy to provide consultation and assist you in selecting the best plan for your specific requirements. The demands of WordPress web hosting can vary significantly, depending on factors such as the number of visitors and the configuration with plugins and themes. After you've chosen a plan, we will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.

Setting a Migration Date

You can choose a date from our migration schedule, and then we will ask you for all the necessary information. Your dedicated point of contact will prearrange the migration process with you, ensuring a seamless transition without any downtime for your live site.

Web-Shop Hosting Takes Care of the Rest!

We configure our Rocket Cache and ensure that your website loads with optimal speed. In the end, you will receive a performance comparison before and after optimization using GTMetrix. We continuously monitor the availability of your website and remain available as your point of contact for all questions related to your WordPress hosting.

Web-Shop Hosting with a Focus on Speed and User-Friendliness

In today's digital era, a robust online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. WordPress, one of the world's most widely used content management systems, serves as the foundation for millions of websites worldwide. When providing hosting solutions for corporate websites, the choice of the right WordPress hosting plays a pivotal role.
WordPress hosting is a specialized service offering tailored to the requirements of WordPress websites. Unlike generic hosting plans, WordPress hosting is optimized specifically for this platform, providing exceptional speed, security, and reliability.
The advantages of WordPress hosting for businesses are manifold:


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Performance and Speed: In the fast-paced world of the internet, every second matters. WordPress hosting allows for maximum performance and speed for your corporate website. Faster loading times result in an improved user experience and higher search engine rankings, which are crucial for attracting and retaining customers.
Security: Safeguarding your corporate website and the data it contains is of utmost importance. WordPress hosting providers often offer advanced security measures such as firewalls, malware scans, and automated backups to ensure the security of your data.
Scalability: With your business's growth, website traffic may increase. WordPress hosting plans are designed to scale seamlessly, ensuring that your website remains stable and high-performing even during periods of increased traffic.
User-Friendliness: WordPress provides a user-friendly interface that enables your team to manage content and updates without extensive technical training.
Flexibility and Customization: With a multitude of available themes and plugins, you can customize your corporate website and add features to meet your specific business requirements.
SEO-Friendliness: WordPress is inherently search engine-friendly, enhancing the visibility of your corporate website in search engine results.
Support and Maintenance: By providing WordPress hosting for corporate websites, you can access dedicated support teams with comprehensive WordPress expertise. This ensures you receive assistance with technical queries or issues and guarantees that your website operates smoothly.
Overall, WordPress hosting for corporate websites offers a reliable platform to establish and maintain a strong online presence. This is essential in today's digital world to increase brand awareness and drive business growth.